Strong in-reach supports great outreach.


The Christ-centered Retreat thematic event planners’ missions are:

  • To encourage, engage, and minister to the body of Christ in spiritual, Biblical retreat or meeting environments; and
  • To facilitate and coordinate spiritual, Biblical retreats or meetings among denominational or non-denominational Christian church communities.

Christ-centered Retreat thematic event planners maintain these value statements:

  • Honor God in everything we do. Give Him the glory for every outcome.
  • Share in the fundamental belief that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, and without Him we can do nothing.
  • Acknowledge that the Holy Spirit guides our thoughts, bolsters our convictions, comforts and minsters to us while engaged in the work of the church.
  • Provide a non-judgmental, respectful environment in which to study God’s word, find meaning and application to our lives, and encourage others in this endeavor; and
  • Strive for excellence in each aspect of providing retreat and meeting services, including curriculum, event coordination, follow up, and related activities.

The primary objectives of Christ-centered Retreats are to:

  • Serve Christ and minister to His followers through varied in-reach activities including special retreats and meetings.
  • Provide, facilitate, and/or guide dynamic, encouraging, cross-generational, spiritual, Biblically-based Christian retreats and/or meetings consisting of fellowship; communal praise, worship, and prayer; Biblical teaching; and individual/small group meditation and study to the Christian faith community.
  • Create, adapt, and compile scriptural teaching materials and learning activities into a type of thematic, topical, or textual curriculum useful to retreat and meeting planners within the Christian faith community.
  • Offer an annual spiritual, Biblically-based, cross-generational retreat to members of the Retreat Planners organization and their invitees specifically building capacity and strengthening faith amongst these believers.
  • Offer other meetings or events to encourage fellowship and discipleship among members of the Retreat Planners organization and their invitees.
  • Minister to the Christian community through in-reach activities; and
  • Offer retreat and meeting curricular components to other community of believers for use or adaptation within their corporate churches, at no-cost or at cost as it applies.

The Christ-centered Retreat thematic event planners’ purpose statements are:

  • to create and disseminate thematic Bible-based retreat materials.
  • to host religious retreats that encourage, engage, and minister to the body of Christ.
  • to assist in Christian outreach to the community through a retreat format.